“The Fallen….Weeping for Peace”

War has been depicted in many ways by many artists, but nothing like this Artist’s surreal rendition.  A skeleton of a fallen hero is weeping while an angel watches a world embedded in twisted metal.  Bullets encompass the earth creating unrest in every corner of the globe.  The symbolic military boots, rifle and helmet keep us from forgetting those men and women who have died for our freedoms.

The Artist expresses the destruction and pain that war brings upon us mainly through the skeleton weeping on top of a casket.  The small bird of peace  may symbolize the small chance we have at regaining peace.  However the shadow box is interpreted it remains a strong representation  of the casualties of war.

The escalation of violence is multiplied many times over in the digital print of this work.  It signifies a world spiraling out of control never being able to regain the peace that so many hunger for.

“The Fallen….Weeping for Peace” 2012 Mixed Media and digital.

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