“Power Forged by Chains”

Power and wealth come hand in hand to those who profit off the backs of others.  The freedom that we perceive to have is accepted as long as the crumbs that are thrown our way get us through another day.  The corporate chains bind and enslave us to behave in a structured environment.  If we don’t concede, we will not survive.  It’s that simple.

The Artist portrays this by placing butterflies behind bars and chains around our wrists.  The colors are grey and dulled as if to signify an imprisoned existence.  Only the bright colors of the butterflies may give us hope that we may one day be able to escape the chains that bind us.

The steel nails and spikes may remind us of the sweat and pain that went into forging them, while the Artists digital version may signify the amount of power we still possibly possess.

“Power Forged by Chains” 2013 Mixed Media and Digital

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