“Love You…..Till the End of Time”

Inspiration comes in many forms and this particular piece was based on a beautiful song entitled  ” Till the End of Time”.   The song was written by Buddy Kaye and composed by Ted Mossman in 1945.  It was performed by various artists throughout the years but made famous by legendary singer Perry Como.

Though a rather dark piece, the Artist depicts the connection between love and time.  As the ominous raven lurks above the bones of  a lover whose time is up, the lover lays against a ticking grandfather clock.  While he reaches for the heart of his beloved, the raven swings the giant pocket watch as if to indicate that time has already taken its toll.  All this occurs while a beautiful black rose grows above the scene almost like a flower that grows through a crack in the cement.  You can almost hear the grinding of the gears and the ticking of the clocks saying it’s better to love while you’re alive than after you’re gone.  For when you are gone you can not love but only be loved.

The Artist uses deep dark colors to help emit emotions and conjure up the imagination.   The paragraph above is only one interpretation.  Many others are waiting to be found.  As the song goes. “I’ll be there for you to care for you through laughter and through tears.  So take my heart in sweet surrender and tenderly say that I’m the one you love and live for Till the End of Time.”

“Love You……Till the End of Time” 2013 Mixed Media and Digital

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