“Industrial Swine”

In this piece the Artist seems to depict a broken down industrial factory that produces money.  Shiny new pennies are being sucked up at one end of the machine while pennies with pictures of swine are being shot out the other.  It’s an interesting piece that seems emphasis a broken down industry.

The Artist uses various objects to portray an industry deteriorating.   An old factory cranks out its inferior product, smoke stacks with copper smoke pouring out and pipes shooting out pennies may indicate industrial waste that pollutes our environment.  Or perhaps it represents industries that need repair. This being represented by the pipes being wrapped up in old rags to stop the leaks.

The copper, brown and tan color tones definitely gives this piece an industrial feel.  The look of something being manufactured is so evident you can almost here the gears turn.   The Artist again used the polar inversion technique to express an abstract version of this shadowbox.  The result is twisted metal like in a scrap yard against a blueprint of ingenuity.

“Industrial Swine” Mixed Media and Digital

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