“Broken Harmony”

A broken guitar, Uncle Sam, liberty, two political parties and a burnt Constitution pretty much sums it up what the Artist may be trying to express.  Political parties that are no longer in tune with the people.  The off key, offending sounds of greedy, hypocritical politicians who constantly lie to the people in order to line their own pockets or push their own agendas rings true.   The people are no longer considered.  There is no more harmony. The music has been silenced

This is basically the Artist’s rendition of our government broken into pieces.  “We the People” are too preoccupied with movies, celebrities,  sports, electronics, alcohol and drugs to take the time to make changes.  Just the way your government intended.

In this piece the Artist uses brass, wood, acrylic and pictures to convey his message.  The abstract polar inversion of the piece may simple signify the government spiraling out of control.  Who is going to invade this county to restore harmony and democracy like we’ve done under the guise of democracy.   I’ll be back later the hockey game is on.

“Broken Harmony” 2012 Mixed Media and Digital

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